Killer of the Sewer – By Niccolò Finato (Part one)

Niccolò Finato is a 19-year-old student at the Green School and has written an amazing and creative thriller/crime story completely in English. He not only writes stories, but also writes reviews for games and films.

A truly talented student and writer who has worked so hard over the past year and successfully passed all his exams with flying colors! We hope you enjoy the story as much as we did. It’s very tense, with a genius concept and will have you on the edge of your seat! (scary stuff)





There was a new case for Julia and Anthony.

Currently, Julia is one of the most famous coroners in the city and Anthony one of the greatest private detectives in the world. They still live in 221B, Baker Street, the old house of Sherlock Holmes.

It was early in the morning and Julia, as always, was doing an autopsy for the police, while Anthony was having breakfast.

The unknown body was found by an agent near Victoria station. The body of the man was checked carefully by Julia, outside: his eyes were without any colour but the body was perfect, neither hurt nor scratched; inside, the organs were perfect, too, but in the stomach there was a little match to make fire. It was so strange.

The facts weren’t clear and the cause of death, too.

She decided to tell Anthony everything. Julia described the dead body to him and immediately Anthony ran to the autopsy room, on the third floor, he said that he had seen similar cases a lot of years ago, before he knew her. The cases were archived without anyone being involved in an arrest, despite the fact that he had been working hard during that time to find someone responsible.

So Julia was frightened, a bit, because every case with him had been solved.

Anthony told Julia the main points of that killer: he was without fingerprints and hair, too, because every time they couldn’t find proof or traces of DNA, and always there was a matchstick in the victim’s stomach.

It was 10 o’clock.

The police called old Sherlock’s home. The phone rang three times before Julia answered.



She answered the phone, the policeman said to Julia that another dead body had been found in the same place as the previous. The couple went together to the crime scene.

Also this time the victim was a young man.

The police needed their help, but Anthony was not so happy to have a case with the police and he told Julia not to tell them everything.

A lot of things were really strange: there was still the match in the victim’s stomach, no colours in his eyes, no witnesses despite the busy area and the body was perfect, not hurt.

Anthony thought:

‘If there aren’t any witnesses, the killer must bring the dead body to the scene after their death, without any doubt!’, and he added: ‘He must be a professional’

Shaky, Julia and Antony went to eat a jacket potato and think on it.

Everything depended on Anthony’s mind. However, the coroner once at home, did some tests with both of the dead men. She had graduated in biology and she was very able in chemistry.

The evidence from the tests was that on the skin of both, there were traces of sewer bacteria, even if the body were perfectly clean. It was late, 2 a.m., so Julia thought about telling her new discovery to Anthony the next day.

She went to bed.



The alarm clock sounded and Julia went quickly to her mate’s room, but he wasn’t there! He was already awake, and he was having breakfast with his classical English tea and some bacon and eggs.

When he saw Julia’s countenance he was immediately curious. He knew her very well. She talked about her tests and Anthony like a leopard picked up his French coat and went out speedily, he knocked over his tea. Julia took her jacket and she went with the detective.

The tea dripped onto the carpet.

Anthony surely understood something. They went near the place where the previous two victims had been found by policemen. Paying attention to keep his expensive French coat clean, Anthony lifted a sombre and with Julia he went inside the sewer.

There was incredibly pure water. They started walking, the lights were unstable, they blinked continuously. It was really disturbing for both of them. There was a tiny buzzing noise of electrical cables, and they could hear a small mechanic noise, too. It came from the right of the crossroads in the pipes, they decided to go that way.

There were 2 rooms at the end of that sewer corridor and in the second room Anthony saw a black shadow in the darkness just us the light went out! When the light was on again, there wasn’t anything nor anyone. The couple took their steps slowly, with extreme caution.

They entered the first room, immediately the glass door closed, they were trapped.



Anthony immediately looked around in search of an escape, but from two gas cylinders a gas began to leak out. In a few seconds Anthony began to sleep and Julia too.

He hit his head on the floor and Julia on him.

Nearly two hours passed and they were awake again but tied with a rope abreast
a column.

A shadow was sitting in front of them in the darkness, he looked like he had no hair; Anthony thought that the solution after all these years was finally in front of him but he was with hands and legs trapped and Julia the same. The shadow was coming near them and the view was not so nice: his face was completely destroyed, maybe due to a fire, his body was almost completely covered by old, serious burns.

The man now was sitting behind them and he said:

‘I have to say something’.

So he started to tell them his story:

‘It was about 12 years ago when me and my wife had an accident’.

He was extremely quiet and his breath was so slow that he seemed without any emotions.

He continued with his scratchy and frosty voice:

‘We were on our way, I was driving at 90 towards home and a truck came upon us, we went outside the lane, the car was losing fuel and it was close to exploding. My wife was trapped inside the car and I tried to free her but the car exploded and I was near’.

Anthony interrupted him:

‘Why are you telling us your past?’

The killer answered:

‘Call me Robert detective and shut up’. Always with extreme calmness.

He added: ‘ I have to say something’.




So he continued with his story:

‘I had been in coma for 2 years, when I woke up I remembered my name only, but then time went by and I realised the person that I was; I was a doctor, a biotechnologist and I was searching a new formula to make a new amazing material…’

So Anthony asked him what he meant. A moment of silence and then Robert decided to take both Anthony and Julia in his laboratory. He put them on two wheelchairs. They were tied so that they couldn’t hit him.

The trio passed 3 rooms, it was like a house.

Robert said that in the last 7 years it had been his own house, because before he lived in another city close by but a detective was close to discovering his laboratory, so he moved lived here now.

Finally, they were in front of a steel door. Robert typed in the code and they entered together. It was a fantastic laboratory full of the latest technologies. There was a big door of a huge freezer. Anthony said:

‘You keep your victims in there, don’t you?’.

Robert replied:

‘You don’t understand anything detective’.

A moment of silence.

Then Robert pushed the wheelchairs over the door of the big fridge.

There were many organs in glass boxes, Anthony and Julia were disgusted. Livers, lungs, kidneys and eyes, just white eyes.

Only for a moment did they stay in that fridge room and Robert took the wheelchairs again and he pushed them to another room and before entering it he said:

‘Now you are going to discover the truth’.

They entered.

Day 11: Safe and Sound in Italy

After waking up at 16,30 and getting ready, we sleepily made our way down to the terminal. It was so busy despite it being so early! We couldn’t believe it!

The security at Stansted is very strict so it took us a while to get through security. It was also boiling hot and very hectic but we made it! Our reward was a nice, cold drink the other side.

We then went straight to the gate to board the plane, it was very busy.

Kate and Michela sat next to each other due to some seat changes, but unfortunately Francesca and  Jenny were separated on the plane. The flight was fine apart from some turbulence mid-flight. Kate was very nervous and scared about this but Michela talked to her to help her! There were some storms in the sky which is why this happened. It took about an hour and 45 minutes.

Safe and sound on the ground we got off the plane and met our families the other end. It was sad to leave each other and we gave each other a big hug. It was the most amazing trip.

Thank you so much The Green School for making this possible and also to Francesca, Michela and Kate for making this trip a success! I hope we can do many more in the future.

Would you like to come next time?

img_2415 img_2417 img_2418 img_2420

Day 10: Magical Moments Create Magical Memories

This morning we woke up at 8.30, sore from walking so much yesterday, and had a lovely continental breakfast at the hotel. Michela had traditional crumpets and butter!


Feeling very full, we then packed up our things and left our big cases at the hotel. We walked all the way to the National History Museum and were very lucky to get in as it didn’t open until 10.00am. We were the first group of people to enter. It was an incredible museum but you really needed to spend the whole day there to appreciate it. We were only there for an hour and a half but saw the science rooms and some of the Natural History on the way out. The best thing about the museum is that it’s free but they ask you to make a donation of seven pounds. The museum is absolutely worth it! It’s incredible, interactive and highly interesting. We even had a simulation of an earthquake (in this case it was a simulation of the terrible Kobe earthquake). It was emotional to see and feel what may have happened to the buildings and people there. Outside the museum there was also the Royal Victoria and Albert Museum which was packed!

img_2168 img_2169 img_2173 img_2177 img_2181 img_2183 img_2184 img_2190 img_2191 img_2193

We then worked our way down to Harrods. It was a lovely walk and seeing the massive department store from the outside was incredible. Inside we were speechless… it was huge! We got lost a few times. We went to the gift shop and bought one or two things inside to take home. They had the most beautiful things inside (and expensive).

img_2194 img_2201 img_2203 img_2204 img_2205

After Harrods we then walked to Buckingham Palace. It is an incredible building with wonderful statues, colours and thousands of people visiting. The guards were dressed in uniform but not the iconic uniforms we were hoping for. It was lovely to see the palace and how stunning it is. We also saw Hyde park across the road from the palace.

img_2221img_2215 img_2213 img_2212 img_2208 img_2207 img_2218 img_2217

After Buckingham Palace we walked to Victoria Coach Station and had a quick toilet stop and bite to eat. We then waiting for the coach to take us to the Harry Potter Experience. At this point we were so excited but also tired from all the walking we’d already done that morning. On the coach, it took an hour and we mostly slept the way there. Then… we arrived!

To describe the Harry Potter Experience it would take us a whole day. What we can say is… it’s 100% worth it and the best day of our lives! We saw EVERYTHING! costumes, sets, props, a cinema introduction, special effects, creatures, we had our photos taken, interactive activities, all the most iconic things and we could have bought everything in the gift shop. We cried it was so emotional! To know that the actors had been there in the studio, wearing these clothes, using these props and shooting the films that have such a impact on our lives. It was a celebrating for all people and all fans of the books and films. Incredible, you HAVE to see it for yourself! We don’t want to give you any spoilers.

img_2228 img_2229 img_2231 img_2233 img_2238 img_2239 img_2240 img_2241 img_2243 img_2244 img_2245 img_2252 img_2254 img_2259 img_2264 img_2270 img_2271 img_2274 img_2282 img_2286 img_2304 img_2309 img_2314 img_2315 img_2318 img_2325 img_2329 img_2332 img_2334 img_2340 img_2348 img_2349 img_2357 img_2362 img_2369 img_2372 img_2373 img_2382 img_2396 img_2403img_2404

We thought that from 14.30-18.15 wasn’t enough time to see everything! If we had to do it again we would definitely book another tour to stay for the whole day. Actually, we’d like to live there or work there!

On the way back to Victoria coach station we slept on the coach. When we arrived we got a black cab from the station to the hotel to pick up our luggage and then the same cab back. The cab driver was so kind and helpful.

We then got the coach to London Stansted at 20,25 and it arrived at 22,00 which was longer than what we expected. We arrived completely exhausted from traveling but also drained from the adrenaline of the Harry Potter Experience. We talked a lot about it and Francesca wore her cool new glasses! We checked into the hotel after buying some food at the terminal of the airport. The hotel was amazing! Jenny was waiting for us in the rooms. We had dinner together, talked a lot and packed out cases properly. We only had around four hours sleep (from 12.00-16.30) so we made the most of it and slept as soon as we could. We can’t believe that tomorrow we’re back in Italy!


This was really the best day of our lives! So amazing with so many memories to keep. Totally worth it.

Thank you for following our blog and I hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventure to the UK!

Day 9 – London’s Calling

Today has been an extremely intense day but also one of the best! We left this morning at 08.30 with Jenny who gave us a lift to the station. We had packed up everything the night before and had breakfast in the car. At the train station in Norwich we bought some snacks for the journey and then boarded the train. We played Harry Potter cards on the train, talked a lot and ate some snacks. We had a lot of fun. It took two hours from Norwich to London Liverpool Street.

img_2036 img_2038 img_2037img_2042

When we arrived at the station we left and started walking along the River Thames to follow it to the London Eye. On the way we passed through many zones and saw St Paul’s, the Millennium Bridge, Big Ben, The Shard, Westminster, Houses of Parliament, Tate Modern and Westminster Bridge. It was amazing to see how tall the buildings are and how small we are in comparison. We then sat in a park in front of the Tate Modern and ate our lunch (ham and cheese sandwiches, crisps, fruit and chocolate bars). It was such a lovely day and so relaxing to be there and do some people watching. We then made our way to the London Eye where Francesca and Michela had the experience and also the 4D experience. They were shining with joy when they came off the attraction. Francesca didn’t realize how high the Big Wheel was but they both thoroughly enjoyed themselves and took about 50 pictures. They could really see most of London.

img_2062 img_2060 img_2059 img_2054 img_2053img_2065 img_2049img_2068img_2076img_2072img_2070img_2078img_2085img_2086img_2087img_2088img_2090img_2101img_2097img_2095img_2105 img_2103img_2102img_2125img_2109img_2107img_2106img_2125img_2126img_2133img_2134img_2139img_2146img_2147img_2150

The parts of London we saw are very clean, well maintained, full of tourists and business men on their way to lunch and we were surprised at how nice everyone is in the street as we pass by. Everyone is polite, helpful and willing to give you their time to give you directions.There was such a lovely atmosphere in London; like you were part of the city. There was nothing negative to comment on. We noticed that there was a lot of protection for pedestrians now with special road works and barriers to prevent vehicles to mount the pavement on the roads and on the bridges. We also saw a number of musicians, artists and performances on the streets and this added to the amazing atmosphere and friendliness of the city. Everyone had time for other people.

We then headed over Westminster Bridge and into the Westminster zone and square. We then walked our way up to St Jame’s Park to relax again and could see Buckingham Palace in the distance. We caught a black cab at the crossroads at this point as we were tired and it took us to our hotel. The Hotel is amazing and everyone is very nice. We had a short walk to the supermarket to throw something together for dinner and we came up with this combination: (below) Do you think that we like sushi?

img_2159 img_2161

img_2154 img_2157 img_2158

We then did some vocabulary, watched films (Harry Potter to prepare ourselves for tomorrow) and looked through all our amazing pictures. We are so excited about tomorrow! I hope we will sleep tonight!

It’s really been the perfect day! Molto British

Day 8: Dungeons and No Dragons in Norwich

This morning was a lovely morning to go to the castle as it was fresh and atmospheric with thunder in the distance and the promise of rain on the way. We got up, had breakfast and caught the bus at 9.40am to Norwich.

We arrived and then decided to go straight to the castle to catch the battlements tour. Unfortunately it was now pouring with rain with thunder and lightening so we couldn’t go on top of the castle due to health and safety reasons. Instead we signed up for the tour of the dungeons at 12.00.

This castle is so different to the Italian style as it’s very square, very proper and very British. The scenery and style were so breathtaking and it was so much fun to look around and learn something new and exciting. Not only did we learn a lot about the medieval period but also the Normans, Egyptian and about Norfolk wildlife from the bird museum.

img_1974 img_1975 img_1976 img_1977 img_1983 img_1985 img_1987 img_1988 img_1989

The dungeons were both amazing and scary at the same time, especially when the tour guide turned out the lights and it was pitch black down in one of the cells! It was a scary atmosphere but the guide was extremely good at his job and explained everything well. It was cold and damp all the way down in the dungeons underground.

Back up in the castle we dressed up at characters and had a good laugh about how silly we looked. Michela and Kate also used their brains to make a wooden bridge without the logs touching the water. It took them 10 minutes of dedication to get it but they did it! Then Francesca and Michela decided to do some stencils of Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

img_2011 img_2012 img_2016 img_2017 img_2020 img_2022img_2002

We then had lunch at the cafe in the castle. Francesca had her much-loved ham sandwiches and Michela had a Cornish Pasty while Kate had gluten-free cheese sandwiches. We then had another quick look round at all the things we missed before around the hidden parts of the castle. When we finished at the castle we decided to head to the shops to buy some supplies for London tomorrow and dinner for that evening.

img_1999 img_2004 img_2005 img_2007

We ran to catch the bus on time to get back to Jenny’s house. We were very proud of ourselves for running. We got back at 15.30 and had snacks whilst watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part one. We then had almost three hours of lessons on exam preparation and vocabulary.

We then made dinner together (sushi, salmon, Indian and lots of chocolate), tidied and packed our cases and Francesca and Michela gave Kate a very funny translation lesson! It was great fun. So now we are all packed and ready for London. We played games all evening with Jenny and Jon – the game Scattergories which is brilliant. Kate bought it for the Green School!


We are now tired out from laughing so much today and ready for a good night’s sleep for tomorrow.

Thank you again for reading our adventures!


Day 7 – Being British for a day

So, this morning we had a lovely lie-in until 10am. We had a well-deserved rest and got up to play football in the garden with Harry. He was very happy to see us and spend some time with us.We played in the paddling pool as it was so hot! He made us laugh a lot and we played many games with him.


We then had breakfast and had lessons until lunch time. Michela did some listening and reading for the B2 exam and Francesca did some reading and grammar for the C1. Both are doing so well, Kate is really proud of them.

We had a traditional lunch in the garden of baked beans, bagels and fried eggs. It was delicious and simple!


After lunch we played some more games and then decided to walk to the woods. It was a beautiful day and it was lovely to walk together, speak about lots of things and be with Jenny and Harry. It was a magical place full of wildlife and beautiful plants.

img_1956 img_1958 img_1959 img_1961 img_1963 img_1964

Jenny and Harry headed home but we went on to the supermarket to buy some supplies for the days ahead and to buy some presents. We had great fun in the supermarket and really enjoyed shopping! We caught the bus back to the house as it was so hot and also we had lots of things to carry. When we got home we decided to make Harry some gingerbread number biscuits. We cooked with Kate’s instructions in English and we made some lovely biscuits! We used number cutters because Harry is obsessed with numbers. They were delicious!


We then ate at the pub after playing scrabble for a bit. We met Kate’s dad and Jenny came too for dinner. Francesca had an American traditional burger with chicken and ham, Michela had a traditional ham, egg and chips with pigs in blankets and Kate went for her not-so traditional Nachos again as she missed them. We were completely stuffed afterwards! It was lovely to spend the evening together and talk about so many things with everyone.

img_1969 img_1970

We got home about 9.40pm and Kate showed Francesca and Michela her Harry Potter collection of merchandise, toys, games and books. They were amazed and Francesca couldn’t believe her eyes! Kate has been collecting since she was 11 years old and saw the first Harry Potter film.

We then crashed on the sofa eating sweets and popcorn and watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. Now we’re ready for bed and ready to explore Norwich one last time this trip tomorrow! Time is really flying… especially when you’re having as much fun as us.

Day 6: A very Cambridge day out

This morning it was difficult waking up at 7.00am. Nevertheless, we caught the bus on time and were on our way to the train station to catch the train to Cambridge. It was much cooler in Norwich than the previous days, almost too cold! Michela bought the tickets for the train at the ticket office this morning and we also decided to buy some sweets, chocolate and drinks for the journey from the supermarket. We definitely needed the sugar rush. We also looked in WHSmith and Kate got some books and newspapers that could be useful in the future. It was lovely to look at the book chart and the magazines on offer.

On the train we studied for our exams and worked very hard despite being quite tired. The train was FREEZING! They went over-board on the air con. But eating skittles and chocolate while doing your Use of English Grammar exercises is always more fun. The range of sweets and chocolates here in the UK is so varied to that of Italy. It’s amazing. People also have a habit of having a big cup of coffee on the train and a bacon roll. Very British.

We arrived in Cambridge at 11.00 and it was such a hot day here! Almost 30 degrees! So we walked to the center of Cambridge. On the way we stopped in a Charity shop, we saw (and later went into) the Cambridge Assessment Center and all the different types of shops, restaurants and gift shops they had. Michela and Francesca bought some souvenirs and Kate bought some too and a lovely University of Cambridge Hoodie. Cambridge is such a beautiful city. It’s the perfect place to live, study and work. If only the house prices weren’t so expensive!

img_1881 img_1884 img_1885


. img_1886img_1887img_1888img_1889img_1890

After all this walking we were hot, hungry and tired so we decided to have an early lunch at WASABI – a Japanese take-out place. It was absolutely delicious and Kate was over the moon to find that they had real authentic MOCHI (also the name of her cat) and Michela laughed at her for this. Itadakimasu!

img_1891 img_1892 img_1926

After lunch we headed to King’s College (similar to Oxford University) and Trinity College (based on the white house) to have a look around. We also went to the Cambridge University Press book shop where Kate phoned Julia to ask her about books to buy. Unfortunately you couldn’t access the colleges because it was term time and lessons were going on. We decided to pay to go to the top of St Mary’s Church which was nearby and we could see the whole of Cambridge from the top. It was an amazing sight! The only scary bit was the steep, narrow stairwell leading up to the roof. It was very amusing walking up the steps!

img_1913 img_1918 img_1920 img_1921img_1919img_1914img_1911img_1900

We then walked further around, looking at all the amazing architecture and speaking about everything. We didn’t have a lesson on the grounds because it was baking hot. We decided to study later when we got home. We spoke about how in Italy, for us, we feel that there is a certain image that people expect you to live up to or to look/be like. Whereas in the UK people don’t care about fitting in, being different or being perfect. Everyone has their own unique shape, size, style and personality and you don’t need to hide this or think that you don’t fit the mold. This is what I love about the UK: everyone is so nice, helpful, friendly and unique. They don’t feel self-conscious at all and why should they? Everyone just wants to enjoy their lives and not worry about trivial things.

img_1897 img_1923 img_1930img_1931

After five hours in Cambridge we headed back to the train station (stopping off for coffee, ice cream and drink on the way) and we were melting in the heat. We could the train at 16.10 and got back to Norwich at 18.00. We all slept the way back due to heat exhaustion Kate thought. We caught the bus and got back to Jenny’s at 19.00. We were so tired that we collapsed on the sofa while Kate made dinner….yes KATE made dinner today: Bangers and Mash with gravy and veg (sausages and mashed potato)! It was delicious! We also love Walkers crisps! The best crisps in the world. We also played Scrabble again! Michela won.


We finished watching Fantastic Beasts and where to find them and we all went to bed happy and excited about a good lie-in tomorrow morning before lessons. We could also spend some time with Kate’s three-year-old nephew, Harry, tomorrow as he’s always excited about seeing us and playing with us but we are always busy. We will surely play football with him tomorrow and go for a walk somewhere.

Thank you for reading! Tomorrow we’re having a relaxing day to charge our batteries for London.

Day 5 “Sun, Shopping and Afternoon Tea

Waking up at around 9.30 we were glad of a good lie-in. Kate was very sore from her sunburn. We had breakfast together and then had a two hour lesson of vocabulary, writing and exam preparation. It was another beautifully hot day and the sun was shining brightly in the sky. Francesca and Michela are doing extremely well with their English.

We caught the bus to Norwich at around 12.40 and arrived in time to have noon tea at the Assembly house. Kate had a Gluten-free cheese and pickle sandwich while Francesca and Michela had the proper English Afternoon tea with mini sandwiches, cakes and scones as well as a ham sandwich. It was absolutely delicious! But very hot outside.

img_1847img_1848 img_1852 img_1851 img_1850 img_1849

After that we went shopping in all the shopping malls and the traditional places and up to the castle. We also went to the sweet shop where Kate got a Harry Potter Chocolate Frog (Hagrid card) and also Primark. We booked a tour of the castle for Thursday where we can go up to the top of the castle and have a panoramic view of Norwich! Can’t wait. Today was an absolutely boiling day! We were struggling with the heat. We also went to an art gallery where Kate’s favourite artist had some stunning pictures. Kate bought Fantastic Beasts to watch tonight!

Shopping in the UK is different to shopping in Italy as there is much more choice and clothes are much cheaper here. Kate also finds it less stressful as she’s tall and in Italy it’s always difficult to find long clothes that fit her properly. It was a really fun, interesting and relaxing day for us all despite it being 30 degrees!


When we caught the bus home at around 18.00 and we collapsed on the bed and looked at all the things we had bought for our friends and family. We can’t wait to give it to them when we come back to Italy! We then had dinner together with Jenny and Jon. It was a lovely and light Cesare Salad and chocolate for dessert while playing a good game of Scrabble to broaden our comprehension skills. In the meantime Kate’s Dad popped round to visit and while we were doing exam prep studying for another hour he did the speaking parts of the exam and we enjoyed this a lot! He also told us a lot of stories.

img_1874 img_1875

Before bed we watched Fantastic Beasts and where to find them! An amazing movie. We were tired and needed to get up early for Cambridge tomorrow so we went to bed at around 11.30pm.

It’s going to be a great day tomorrow too!

Thanks again for reading!

Day Four: Sun, Sand, Sea and….owls?

We can’t believe that it’s already day four! This morning it was quite hard to wake up at 8.00am to get ready to catch the bus. I think tomorrow we have to have a good lie in to make sure we are energized enough for the week ahead.

We got up and had breakfast and then hurried to catch the bus in time to the train station. It was boiling outside already and it was so early. It really is the hottest weekend of the year so far! We got off the bus just outside the train station and had a wonderful view of the river and train station building.

img_1736 img_1737

We then bought the tickets ourselves to Lowestoft and Francesca stopped off to buy a Starbucks coffee and Kate bought us some chocolate frogs and skittles to share on the train. We studied for 45 minutes, both vocabulary and exam preparation. You can see from the photo. In only three days our level has improved so much.

img_1741 img_1742

When we arrived in Lowestoft we were amazed at how hot the sun was but how lovely and refreshing the breeze was. IT was the perfect day. We went into the town center to look in the sweet shop and the British Heart Foundation Charity shop where we bought a few bits and pieces. Charity shops are so useful and they help not only the environment with recycling but also for people and the community and the charity they support. It’s a shame they don’t have these types of shops in Italy. Maybe we could introduce them?


We then walked along the promenade and looked at the stunning view of the bay and the coastline. We had an ice cream (a traditional 99) and it melted faster than we could eat it! Not to mention getting throat freeze in the meantime. We laughed a lot. Thank goodness Michela is the most sensible; she always brings her fresh and clean hand wipes with her to clean up after eating something messy.

img_1754 img_1760img_1804img_1749

We then headed towards Janet’s house (Kate’s Mum) but during the walk we noticed there was an event in the main park. There was an owl sanctuary who were asking for donations to protect and help owls who live in the wild. We also noticed that you could hold an owl if you wanted to and we were lucky enough to do so! This was such a memorable and fantastic experience for us! The owl was the most adorable and sweetest creature we had ever seen and we instantly fell in love with him. His name was Fluke. Being wizards and Potter-heads, naturally he loved us too.


When we arrived at Janet’s beautiful cottage we sat in the garden and has cold drinks, fish and chips for lunch (we walked and got them down the road) and a good chat about everything. It was the most wonderful lunch and we really enjoyed ourselves. The lunch was delicious! Luckily we had studied a lot of coast/beach/food vocabulary beforehand so we could have a good conversation about this. We love the cottage and the location was stunning; right on the cliff top and the sea views took your breath away.


After lunch we got changed and went down to the main beach where everyone was enjoying the sun, sand and water. We made a sandcastle (Kate’s mum was the best at making these due to her grandchildren!) just for fun and then Francesca and Michela both had a bathe in the sea! They were very brave as the sea was extremely refreshing! (better word than cold). Kate was a wimp and didn’t go in the sea. She watched and laughed and decorated the sand castle.


We all were quite tired so we sunbathed on the beach for about an hour and a half and Kate and Francesca accidentally fell asleep. Now we are all slightly burnt (Kate maybe more burnt than anyone) despite wearing factor 50 sun cream. I guess you’re not 100% British unless you get burnt every summer.


We then walked back to the cottage and had some snacks and drinks. After saying goodbye and thank you to Janet we got the train back to Norwich at 18.00 and arrived at 18.50. When we got home we were all tired, so much so that Kate fell asleep on the sofa! Francesca took a secret photo. Poor Kate… she’s getting old… she’s 27 in a week.


We then had some more snacks and played Monopoly all evening with Jon and Jenny (the Norwich edition) and it went on so long that we decided to call it a draw. It was a very good game and really fun to play together and speak a lot. We then finished watching Beauty and the Beast in English (crying a little bit as it’s such a beautiful film) and then crashed on the bed and fell asleep immediately.

Can you see the competitiveness and the seriousness of the game below? It was tense!


The differences between beaches in the UK and Italy are that: In England all the beaches are free and the sand is very different as it’s like flour or there are lots of small pebbles. The ice cream, beach huts, food and other sweets are very different and there are promenades with arcades, games, parks and fun fairs for the whole family. The colours, the smells and the whole environment is richly British (with people wearing what they liked, getting badly burnt and guzzling beer) and it was the most fantastically relaxing day so far. We have been so lucky.

Thank you for reading! Here is a photo of Kate looking very burnt… she looks like a kebab. Lots of after sun cream needed! Goodnight all!



Day 3 “Norwich Cathedral, Muggles and using magic outside of Hogwarts”

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Another wonderful day in Norwich. We woke up to the sun shining and the birds singing on the hottest day of the year so far: 28 degrees. At 08.30 we had breakfast and then settled down for our vocabulary, grammar and exam preparation lessons with Kate at 09.00 for two hours. It was intense but fun to be progressing with our English and learning so many things everyday. We found that the full immersion has helped us a lot with our English and opened our mind to accepting new grammar and vocabulary and absorbing it quicker through repetition. Abby the cat also made an appearance as well as Harry who seemed very confused about the whole ‘sitting down and studying’ situation instead of playing football outside in the garden. It would be so nice to be a child again!

After the lesson we got ready and set off at 12.00 for the city center. The bus ride was nice as we talked a lot about the day and where to go. We first went to M&S and had Japanese for lunch! It was delicious and Michela’s first time! She later found out that she didn’t like ginger though. We sat and ate our lunch on the steps of the Forum in Norwich and were amazed by all the architecture of the churches, houses and buildings surrounding us. It was a beautiful day and few clouds in the sky.

After lunch we went to the movie shop and we were all in heaven! Michela and Francesca bought a lot of Harry Potter gifts for their families and Kate bought a Father’s Day gift for her dad. This shop is definitely our favourite and we love it! (we might have to go back again next time). We also popped into Primark (which was BOILING inside) and had a look around at the cheap clothes and items they had. The prices were so cheap compared to Italy and they had some lovely stuff to buy!

After this shopping spree we went to the Cathedral to meet Kate’s Dad. We sat on the grass outside the stunning Cathedral in the sun and played with Francesca’s newly-bought Harry Potter wand and practicing our spells in English and Italian. Kate’s Dad saw us from a distance and must have thought we were insane or just slightly odd. However, we weren’t the only ones as a group of guys were dressed up as Marvel superheroes for some reason. Marvel characters outside a Cathedral was certainly entertaining.

We had a wonderful tour of the Cathedral inside and we were so blessed and lucky to have watched and listened to a choir, opera singer, string quartet and then an orchestra rehearsing classical music for a performance. The music made the hairs on your skin stand on end as the sound was PERFECT inside the Cathedral. They were paying and singing right in the center of the Cathedral and the sound carried throughout the whole building. It was both emotional and magical to listen to…completely spellbound.

After the lovely tour and music we went to the cafe and had coffee and scones with cream and jam. These were delicious! Kate gave her dad the Father’s Day present and he loved it! We had a good chat about languages and the culture in the UK. It was so interesting and fun to be together and talk about a range of things.

After we said goodbye to Kate’s dad we went into a massive bookshop called Waterstones. This was another favorite shop added to the list! We looked at a lot of books for studying English and had fun looking at all the games and fun activity books. We then decided to get the bus back home. Walking back from the bus stop, Francesca became friends with another dog (Jasper) who instantly fell in love with Michela and Francesca. He was having a nice walk with his owner.

At 19.00 we arrived at home and met Jon’s daughter Millie who is 9 years old. We spoke a lot and relaxed while dinner was being made (and looking at all the things we bought). We had the most amazing dinner!  A roast dinner which consisted of Yorkshire Puddings, roast potatoes, vegetables, gravy, roast chicken and stuffing. We all thought it was truly delicious! Thank you Jenny and Jon for cooking!

We then had an evening playing games with Millie and really using our English. It was so fun and it got very competitive! We played snakes and ladders, connect 4, Head bands, Happy Families and Buckaroo.

We then had time to watch some of the Beauty and the Beast in English with subs before heading to bed for a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we are going to the coast! Another beautifully warm day.

That’s all for now and thank you for reading! It’s been a truly amazing day in Norwich and we can’t wait to be back in the center on Monday for more fun and adventures! Best time ever!